Innamorati della cultura




Client: “Associazione Cultura Piemonte” Turin – Italy.
Cultura Piemonte is a no – profit association; its mission is to promote Italian art, performance and culture through concrete actions. Its Founding members have a very passionate love for Italian culture. Professionally they all have training in PR, Communication and ICT.


In 2008 , in the city of Turin, the Association gave birth to a manifestation named “Innamorati della Cultura” (“Let’s fall in love with Culture” ), it was held against the Government, specially towards the harsh financial cuts for Culture. After that and many meetings later, the Association Cultura Piemonte decided to ideate and produce a crowfunding platform dedicated to small and medium cultural projects. In October 2013, the web site www.innamoratidellacultura.it was on line with a promotional video. Today many projects are starting to be selected and a social campaign is programmed to start later in December.


The Platform is not operating at the moment. The Facebook page has reached 70 fans only in one day! The Video on You Tube has been viewed for 100 times.

Client: Associazione Cultura Piemonte

Date: 1 st of October 2013

Taag: culture

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Date: ottobre 01, 2013